• Franca Baroni

12 Uncomfortable Tips for the 2016 Presidential Candidates

1. Speak less

2. Listen with all your senses

3. Have the courage to be vulnerable

4. Assume you do not know anything

5. Have the courage to state 4) publicly

6. Speak on your own behalf and experience only

7. Do not assume you are representing people’s voices

8. Practice living in and listening to the collective body

9. Gather your wisdom from the public heart

10. If you lean left practice acting as if we are all independent, if you lean right practice acting as if we are all interdependent

11. Remember that words represent less than 7% of what people remember

12. Question your motivations frequently and listen to the feedback of your “opponents”

…then maybe the American people who did not vote for you or did not vote at all (typically around 70% of the voting population) will support you…

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