• Franca Baroni

2017 - The Arrow of ONE

2017 marks a year ONE (2+0+1+7= 10=1+0=1) in this millennium.

The vibration of a year ONE supports new beginnings, our uniqueness and leadership, new perspectives and initiatives. It holds much promise as it is the foundation of a brand new 9 year cycle. In its lower expression a year ONE can represent aggressive, prideful and self-centered leadership anchored in well-masked insecurity.

The shape of a 1 can symbolize a powerful arrow of intention, a new spark and guiding light into our foundation, or a pointy spear in a shaky vertical position with no foundation.

The choice of how we are molding this year ONE is ours no matter who sits in the White House, in our State or City government, at the top of the corporate pyramid or in the patriarch or matriarch position in our families.

The choice is and always will be ours in every moment. Our choices depend on our primary vibration and our vibration depends on our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our creations depend on the vibration we hold consciously and unconsciously.

This simplicity of this law is often boring and repetitive to our sophisticated, intellectual and even enlightened minds. Even if we find ourselves thinking or saying “yeah, yeah, I know this one”, let’s pause for a moment and align with the freshness of right now. This is the essence of ONE.

Our power to choose each moment, the realization that each moment is brand new and genuinely waiting to be molded by our intentions, feelings and action is the simplest and most difficult practice to remember.

It is the treasure we often sit on, busy chasing the past and prophecies of what 2017 will hold for ourselves, our country and our world.

In a year ONE the practice of making a fresh start and choice each moment is greatly supported. The vibration of a ONE year is alike to a good weather forecast, ideal to make our crops grow healthy and strong.

The law that informs heart-intelligent governance is contained in the vibration of ONE:

· The crop we grow individually in our daily life is what builds and feeds our country. As individuals we are always part of a collective, even if we define ourselves hard core independents or even anarchical. Collectives are always made of individuals, even when political or corporate entities have become machines. There is a beating heart and potential to healthy life in each collective because it is made of and informed by the choices of each individual, no matter the legal or political construct.

· The cycle of creation and dissolution, life and death is ever present each moment, no matter our mind’s desires of permanence and invariability.

· Our inner landscape is the blueprint of our external landscape, no matter how brilliantly our mind is trying to convince us that the external landscape is controlling our life and choices.

· When we allow stillness in our active being, our doing is effortless and in balance with the whole.

· When we allow ourselves to be empty and receptive, the spark of life, the arrow of the ONE, penetrates us and generates new life.

The Public Heart is the:

· marriage between the collective and the individual

· marriage between formlessness and form

· marriage between the external and internal

· marriage between being and doing

· marriage between the mind and heart

· marriage between the feminine womb of life and the masculine spark of life.

The result is LOVE.

May we continue to discover the power of LOVE in this ONE year, in this ONE day, in this ONE moment.

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