• Franca Baroni

Cauldron of Change

The current mass migrations across the globe are stirring many feelings, triggering much debate, and forcing much action. If we are scrambling in this hot cauldron trying to save the refugees or our national identity, we are avoiding the core issue: our collective, archetypal fear of dissolution. Some mask these fears in smart geopolitical analysis, some in religious battles, some find shelter in rampant populism, some find validation in their conspiracy or Armageddon assumptions, some pretend all is well. The majority feel terror in their body, whether it is skillfully numbed or overt, whether fleeing violence or munching popcorn in front of the TV. The responses to the cauldron of change are many, yet the common denominator is that there is increasingly less space for denial.

This cauldron of change has become steaming hot because of a collectively self-imposed friction and resistance to the natural movements of change. When we listen to our bodies the cauldron becomes a womb. We have been in a collective birth canal for a few years and now rapidly moving down into the pelvis, into the root chakra, asked to tackle the root causes of physical life.

Those who have given birth without numbing know that births are messy, bloody, painful, filled with waves of sorrow, waves of screams, waves of terror, waves of exhilaration. Giving birth is navigating the threshold between life and death with each second, with each life-giving breath. Giving birth forces us to surrender to the greater and unknown wisdom of life. In the birthing process we are not in control whether the baby will come out alive. We have to remain focused on the goal and push when a wave of contraction moves through our body. Yet, we also have to rest when the contraction subsides while gathering the wisdom and strength for the next wave. Collectively, this is what wants to happen through us. The birth is underway. And the baby is a new way of being and doing anchored in the public heart.

What makes this collective birth so overwhelming is that we have long forgotten the feminine wisdom of how to give birth. Paralyzed by our fears, we control, we resist in that we create false self-sabotaging political, social, religious, economic beliefs about the world. We operate within the triangle of victims, rescuers and perpetrators. And, the Syrian and Central American refugee crisis perfectly shed light on the ineffectiveness of our mind-based operating system. The victims (the refugees) have to be rescued by the terrorists and gangs (perpetrators). Rescuers in the “West” panic that the victims (refugees) become the perpetrators (terrorists) and in response rescuers become perpetrators by harshly stopping the influx. Rescuers (most often on the left political spectrum) become victims of the perpetrators (those on the right) which in turn see themselves as victims of the perpetrators on the left. This insane mind game with unsustainable practical implications goes on endlessly and obviously resolves little. It cannot by its nature.

As long as we collectively engage within this Bermuda triangle we will make this birth unnecessarily difficult. It is as if a woman in the midst of strong contractions argues with and blames the doctors for the existence of her very contractions thus wasting precious energy that could rather be used to birth new life.

The movements of refugees are vehemently breaking open dated concepts of national and economic identity and collective control mechanisms. Thus, it is no surprise that the European Union, an artificial financial mind construct with a paralyzed bureaucratic body, is incapable of addressing the crisis. It is no surprise that in the United States the Central American and Syrian refugee crisis is approached either in a “let everybody in” or “keep everybody out” mind frame. In the birth canal such mind-arguing and solutions are pretty useless and mostly slow down the arrival of new life.

The hot cauldron of change has the potential to wake us into a new operating system governed by the wisdom of the womb, the public heart. In this paradigm, we learn to tap into the wisdom of our collective body and respond rather than react to the emerging collective needs. We relinquish the tunnel vision from within the “Bermuda triangle” and find the realm of non-dual possibilities. We learn to use our feelings of fear, anger and sadness at the collective situation as leadership tools guiding us into non-linear solutions. We learn to purge our debilitating DNA and surrender our histories filled with victims, perpetrators and saviors. We learn to free our national identity and nations into a new body of cultural and values alignment. We learn to listen to the public heart and gather around intentions rather than events and stories. We learn to be real and take radical responsibility as adult citizens. We practice this way of being and doing in daily life, with each interaction, with each choice, as we are the collective body.

So let’s take a moment to challenge our righteousness and reactions to the cauldron of change. Let’s sit with our feelings. Let’s stop being smart. Let’s feel our aching collective body that is seeking to give birth. Let’s breathe and allow the contractions to move through us without resistance and arguing. This is the simple yet powerful gift that we can offer as we engage with the hot cauldron of change. It is with our surrender that we release a new collective body into life. It is with our surrender that the hot cauldron becomes a welcoming womb. Yes, our mind will continue to argue, battle, dismiss and even rage. Yet, at the end of the day it is the wisdom that moves through our heart and body that reliably leads us into death and life.

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