• Franca Baroni

Current Events…in the Simplicity of the Public Heart

As the pace of environmental, political and social turmoil intensifies in this country and across the globe so does our fear of losing control and ultimately die as a species. As the catastrophes hit closer to home, our fears bring our mind in high gear to figure out a way to regain control and save what can be saved. Our bodies might be frozen by fear or catapulted into action. Our aching hearts might be numb or breaking open allowing a fresh understanding of Life. The veil disconnecting our body and heart from our mind is thinning and while the options in our mind decrease, the opportunities in our body and heart multiply. Underneath the surface of events, feelings and seemingly few options, there is always a still, moving, predictable, generous wave of information seeking to reach our hearts, where it matters. This guidance – which our mind alone is incapable to decode – provides the big picture that assists us to navigate change wisely and effectively.

The Situation

In the paradigm of the public heart what we are seeing today is simple: we are in a collective birth canal, shifting from a dated mind-centric way of surviving into a heart and body- conscious way of living. We have been and will be in this canal for a while. The canal gets tighter, narrower, riskier, more painful the further down we move. In the birthing process, we have no control over life or death. The will of our mind alone is not what controls this process. What moves it is the wisdom of our body. What knows the bigger picture of life and death is the wisdom of our heart. Each day, we are shown with greater clarity that the longstanding collective agreement to operate from a mind cropped from the wisdom of our body and heart is no longer working.

Any individual that neglects his body will ultimately feel it. Any society, country or global community that neglects its own collective body and ecosystem will ultimately feel it.

Any individual that is primarily moved by the mind will ultimately find himself in seemingly unmanageable personal circumstances and given the opportunity to wake up. Any society, country or global community that is primarily moved by the mind will ultimately find itself in seemingly unmanageable political, economic, environmental and social circumstances and given the opportunity to wake up.


At a vibrational level, there is no separation between our own body and our land or between our own body and the body of our country, our government, our community, our organizations, our families. The land and any collective body are extensions of our own body. Any disconnection from our individual body is transmitted to the land and our collective bodies which in turn reflect this disconnection by functioning poorly and ineffectively, as we see happening across the globe. When we learn to drop into the wisdom of our body, the land and our collective body naturally respond to this reconnection and move towards balance. To the heart, this is logical and evident.

What Can We Do?

What can we do to change this dated agreement that feeds our rapidly deteriorating collective body junk food? What can we do to liberate our land from the polluted vibrational field of the warring mind? What can we do to be released through the birth canal into new life?

Any conscious doing starts with the awareness of being. How do we treat our own individual body? Do we listen to our body for guidance before we choose? Do we speak to our body and nurture it with appreciation and love? Do we realize that our body is our most precious resource only when we are sick or do we celebrate it each day? Do we genuinely pleasure our body? Are we able to receive the sacredness of touch or are we only mentally in touch?

The degree of awareness to our own body mirrors and informs the quality of vibrational connection to our land, to the body of our community, to our governing body, to the body of our country, to the body of the planet. The more consciously connected we are to our own body, the more health we can transmit into the collective body. Yet, often our individual body is out of sync with the collective body: we may find ourselves screaming for changes in the environmental or political body while we are neglecting a conscious connection to our own body. We may find ourselves battling in our mind the very notion of the interdependence between our individual and collective body thus emanating an incoherent message to our own body that can hardly reach the collective body. In this way, we continue to slow down our movement through the birth canal.

In the paradigm of the public heart, while we dance in awareness with our own body, we consciously communicate to and nurture the land as an integral party of OUR body. We consciously communicate with the collective body of our community and country as an integral party of OUR body. We ask the land and our collective body the same questions as we do with our individual body. We inquire about and respond to the needs of our land and collective body through our daily choices. We embrace the land and collective body in its pains and turmoil and nurture its beauty.

Most importantly, we consciously breathe into our body, we breathe into the land and we breathe into any collective body we are engaged with. Breath is what moves life energy into the areas that are numb or dying, breath is the silver lining to Life. Breath is what moves us down the birth canal most effectively. Breath filled with courage, strength, trust, reverence, surrender and love is what lifts our body into Life.

We have stopped breathing for too long with the consequences we are seeing today. Let’s relate to our individual and collective body in these simple ways. Let’s our sophisticated minds be challenged by the simplicity of timeless wisdom encoded in our bodies. Let’s allow this wisdom to ease our movement down the birth canal. Let’s breathe, into fear, joy, loss, new life, destruction, beauty, pain, health and be held by the womb of Life that moves it all.

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