• Franca Baroni

Hand or Heart Choice?

Anxious? Desperate? Outraged? Elated? Hopeful? Numb? The best news of entering the grand finale of this election year is that we get to FEEL and even the numbest ones will likely not be able to remain in rational denial.

Having collectively rejected the life force and leadership contained in our feelings, we get to see on center stage the side-effects and the tragic comedy of our national feeling infancy. In our collective systems the legitimacy and the skills to consciously navigate feelings is suppressed. As a result they create unconsciousness and over time become a fire out of control burning us from the inside.

Why are feelings important? It is the obligate route leading us to our heart no matter our reasonable arguments. Whether we are voting right or left, let’s surrender the illusion that reason is what drives our choices. Even for the most stoic rational individuals the final choice is always moved by feeling. Often when we convince ourselves that we are making the most rational choice it is still a feeling that informs our decisions. Quite frequently it is fear. Fear is like wind, hard to grasp and detect, subtle, unpredictable, hard to summon and be aware of, even with our good-hearted intentions. Fear, in a mind-based paradigm, is capable of moving through every crack eventually creating walls and cages and the illusion of right and wrong.

In our minds we can debate for months about the economic, social, political choices we have made to create an election drama that makes the world laugh and cry in disbelief and to question why we maybe close to creating a government similar to ones we “fought” all over the world for decades. Our conversations and analysis might be enlightening to a degree but still keep us in our heads. We swim in circles and every four year hope that our candidate and party prevails, until the drama starts again. Or, we have long lost interest in the political entertainment and are scrambling to find ways to change the “game”.

In the paradigm of the public heart the inquiry is vibrational. Individual inform the collective through their choices and the collective informs each individual. This energetic exchange and interdependence shapes the foundational field of a country. Our choices create a field which in turn program our collective body. A country founded on the wobbly vibrational field of the mind is unstable by its nature and in time the rigid structures collapse. A country founded on the vibrational field of the public heart washes away what has turned into decay and no longer serving to stand and grow.

Our beloved country has a foot in each vibrational field.

A country held together by collective agreements generated in the mind generates a leadership reflective of the specific vibrational field it has brought about. Brutal rulers can emerge only where the vibrational environment is conducive to that particular form of leadership and where the mind-based agreements are strongly activated, due to societal patterns and cellular programming of the country.

A country held together by collective agreements generated in the public heart creates self-governing flexible structures synergistically aligned with the wisdom of the collective and individual. Ruthless rulers drown in this vibrational field and are naturally and effortlessly unable to survive like a fish without water.

What does it take for our country to fully move from a mind to a heart based paradigm? Change within the premise of invariability happens in long, painful cycles and is mostly unconscious. Change within the premise of variability happens in a heartbeat and emerges consciously. For humans change is a combination of the two.

The first step is to realize that a new choice is concretely available with each pulsation of the public heart of the United States, and not only on November 8. The second step requires the courage and boldness to dive into unchartered waters with the knowing that water always lies on level ground. The third step is to leap in that each of us connects to the collective body of the United States with internalized freedom and power. As long as we engage with the painful side effects of the systems of governance of the old paradigm with the undercurrent of powerlessness, overwhelm, despair and urgency, we remain in the unsteady vibration of the mind.

The easiest way to inform the vibrational field of the United States is to embody the wisdom of the public heart. The path into the public heart is guided by our feeling literacy, our ability to surrender and listen, our ability to navigate the unknown, and our fierceness to act from that space.

Consciousness is gained when the house is burning making room for a new foundation. Consciousness is gained through the humbling effect of our humanity. Consciousness is gained through experience, and patience and compassion for our learning cycles. Consciousness is gained through our hard choices, eventually softening the walls of fear, and leading us to heart choices.

Our beloved country is a little bit over two hundred years old. Still a baby compared to other countries. Yet, this baby has the life force and cellular programming to stand and grow. The soul and body of our country is calling us to awaken into the public heart which is what keeps the body healthy and alive. For this to happen, we need to embrace our inner beast and mistakes, we need to let what no longer is serving be shown and dissolved, we need to let the fear be creative and life-affirming, we need to stop fighting and embody a new choice, we need to stop analyzing and commenting and act with the fierceness of a lion and the tenderness of a dove.

No matter what happens on November 8 and beyond.

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