• Franca Baroni

Into The Dark

Halloween, the day of the dead and other celebrations of this season are an opportunity to take off our costumes and customs and feel the fear of disintegration, the dark space of nothingness, the void.

What is our relation to the unknown, the dark, the void? How are we showing up in the world when we do not know where we are headed? Are we ready to drop our defenses? Who remains at ground zero when we strip yourselves of what defines us individually, as a citizen of this country, this world?

If we keep scrambling, trying to rescue the old forms, refusing to question the old assumptions that our social contract and forms of government rest upon, our collective will be a sinking ship with no reason to remerge. However, if we surrender to the fact that we are sinking and trust in the wisdom of the sinking, we will emerge from the deep water with a new ship headed to shore, carrying the evolving organic body of a new system of governance.” From the Introduction of “ON GOVERNANCE Cor Publicum: The Evolution of Res Publica” 2011

Are we ready to govern with the intelligence of Cor Publicum, the public heart in Latin?

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