• Franca Baroni

Lessons of the Public Heart

Getting anxious about the US presidential outcome? Getting outraged whether the right candidate will be winning, losing or does not even exist? Hoping for a miracle that eventually the right president will finally lift our country into the grandness of this nation?

No matter what we are thinking or feeling, the beauty of the public heart is that it is neutral and has no opinion either way. Our nation is a creative field that we get to mold at will. For a few thousand years we chose a primarily mind-based political system that greatly served our growth. In these times the pulsating beat of the public heart – present all along – has been calling us to explore news forms. Collectively, we are deeply attached to and identified with our political system as evidence of our soul’s nation. And when we are too intertwined with our minds we lose our ability to hear the wisdom of the public heart.

Our political system has become like a dead horse and we have many choices how to engage with it in this election year and beyond. We can keep beating the dead horse at great expense. We can keep hoping that the horse will resurrect. We can paint the dead horse a different color hoping it will turn rainbow. The longer we insist to bring the dead horse to life, the more it will show us its natural decadence in the process of dissolution. In our desperation we can choose to fix what is already dead. Or, we can surrender to the fact that the lessons of the dead horse have run their course and gracefully allow the horse to disintegrate. With tremendous courage and wisdom we can bury the horse and lay its remains in the fertile soil of the earth trusting that the new seeds of a new governing system are present and ready to blossom.

This level of collective surrender takes heart. To the mind this level of surrender is terrifying as it threatens our already shaky national identity. While the hard lessons of the awakening public heart are tearing us open, they are also making more visible the potential of our soul’s nation to enter a heart-based paradigm.

As we connect to the vastness of who we are as a nation we have to master the skills to navigate our collective demons without pointing fingers and with healthy boundaries. This is the obligate initiation of an awakening public heart and there are no shortcuts. Yes, the hard lessons of the heart make us feel raw and vulnerable and even unsafe and maybe wanting to righteously react. The demons will become more apparent the more we are attempting to resist and judge them. Yet, the field emanating from the public heart will always remain neutral and open to a new choice. The heart knows when bitter ingredients are needed to awaken to the sweetness of life. It knows when sweet ingredients are needed to awaken to the bitterness of life. Ultimately, the public heart knows its governing principles and law and continuously offers the pulsating force inviting us to grow.

What and how we create is our choice. We can choose to engage with the dead horse and beat on all the dead horses all over the globe preaching what “democracy” is or we can choose to embody the collective agreements and understandings of cor publicum – the public heart- in our nation and make space for the inspiring and strong new horse already alive.

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