• Franca Baroni

Lifting the Black Veils

Do we hold ugliness in beauty? Or do we hold beauty in ugliness? The gift of our times is that we get to practice both. Collectively we are masters at both. The deeper gift is that we get to choose no matter how imprisoned or liberated we claim to be.

In the wake of the recent riots and the May 1 potpourri of righteous opinions, the desperate cries about an unjust world are equally expressed by the oppressed and the oppressors. The oppressed raging at the oppressors and the oppressors feeling oppressed. And, the oppression perpetuated by the cheering or blaming spectators claiming to be clueless or wisely all-knowing.

Obviously none of what is happening is new. This twisted dance has been going on for a very long time. Collectively, we have been wired to react to ugliness with ugly morals thus keeping ourselves trapped in the vicious cycle of oppressors and oppressed.

Let’s be honest, for a very long time, we really did not want to change this vicious cycle because the good old taste of redemption from feeling victimized and entitled felt too good or at least familiar to let go. We proclaimed allegiance to an unconscious social contract of invariability which declared that history repeats itself and collective agreements cannot be changed, or – if at all – only through great sacrifice and blood. Faithfully, we have operated in this way and assumed that it was the only way the collective was capable of managing the unmanageable, i.e. freedom.

Yet, WE have changed and the times have changed. There is no longer need to get all puffed up, enraged or smart about the injustice in the world in the hope of a big revolution. From underneath the black veil there is a new type of collective change that is occurring. We have been slowly and painfully growing up from oblivion and part of this graduation is that we are now called to embrace all ugliness in beauty. The quiet and undercurrent wave of a raising collective vibration is effortlessly lifting the black veil no matter what we do or don’t. It is happening and will continue to happen because the times are ripe.

Black is the color of the feminine, the darkness, the unknown, the mystery, formlessness. In a mind-based paradigm we equate them as a wild uncontrollable threat that needs to be suppressed. And that is what we have done for very long time. Similarly, people of darker skin have long evoked the fear of the feminine and in our mind-paradigm have been unconsciously perceived and treated as a threat the same way feelings, the rawness of the Earth and untamed women have been politely or aggressively dismissed.

As a collective the numbness towards internalized or institutional oppression is subsiding like an anesthesia that has run its course. Yes, waking up from anesthesia will make us feel the pain and soreness of the wounds. And we are feeling it. Yet, there is great beauty in the reality that we are coming alive. Our collective body – having been trapped in the cage of our mind for a few thousand years- is moving like a cat stretching and moving after a long sleep. Yes, our collective body might be sore. Yet, the good news is that the steel dam between our mind and the public heart has been broken and we can finally breathe again.

As we learn to no longer numb our birthing process we can concentrate on feeling the waves of contractions lifting the black veil of liberation. As we learn to breathe and feel through our public heart we reverse the drought in our collective body. As we make friends with the richness of darkness we cultivate trust. As we let go of morality and our fight for injustice, we let in Love which naturally contains justice. As we stand up to the abuses in the knowing that the black veil is lifting our collective voice relaxes and our actions become effortlessly effective.

This is the gift of governance and law founded in the public heart.

Let’s celebrate this month of May as the lifting of the black veils. When we allow black, the veil IS lifted.

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