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New or News Story?

In this climate, one may ask what and where the truth is. In the insane realm of the mind, we can argue at infinitum on any topic, twist and tweet in a desperate search for meaning. In this relentless quest through what we know and trust and what we don’t know and fear, we often lose track of the essential source that we stand on in each moment. This source is not only seeking to guide us to the next wise step. It also holds the key to free us from the caging patterns of the collective mind – which through its antics – is calling us to wake up.

This source is speaking to us continually and it is palpable in the quiet wisdom on the right and the left of the political spectrum. Yet, this wisdom often gets lost in the all too familiar political insider power struggles which we get entangled with because of our own numbness and naivety. We The People frequently assume and behave as if we were at the mercy of these struggles on center stage and thus forget our true role as citizens. As any actor knows, the play is birthed off stage and if we want to change the story we need to simply stop acting as if what is on stage is all we can ever express.

Where is the new story?

The source of every new healthy story, whether individual or collective, is contained in our heart and body, rarely in our mind which perpetuates the same, often ineffective stories reflected in what we call “history”. We can find the new collective story of our country in the individual heart and body of each citizen. The wisdom contained in the heart of each citizen is what creates the Public Heart. This is common sense in the heart-intelligent paradigm while it is foreign, perhaps even impractical to the mind.

For a long time, we have rejected this wider source of information. We have been obsessed and fixated with the history and stories happening on center stage and predominantly generated by the battles of right and wrong and beliefs of the mind. And, we complain that nothing ever changes.

How can the story ever change if the source of information remains the same? As long as we assume that the center stage holds the key to move us forward as a country, we swim in circles. The speed of our swimming in circle is getting faster each day. The result is that we are dizzy and lost searching for direction while we long for strong leadership on center stage.

The Public Heart of this country is wise and will continue to make us spin faster and let us experience the extremes until we fall off the center and listen to the real source.

Example of Mind Supremacy

For example, many issues on center stage (immigration, international agreements, foreign infiltration etc.) deal with the question of national boundaries. As we are expecting the center stage to deliver the right answers, we forget that we cannot know healthy national boundaries until we are anchored in our own center. Until then, we continue to wobble, even to extremes.

Both the reds and blues have been responsible for these extremes. Both, in their drive for boundless globalization have lost touch with self-care, rapidly pushing the middle and lower class towards poverty. The reds, in their drive for national self-care have lost touch with and are willing to destroy what gives them the privilege of self-care in the first place: our land. The blues, in their idealistic drive for an open world, have lost touch with the healthy role of boundaries and national roots. In their mind-twisted and suicidal forms of care towards our country, both the red and the blues have disconnected from the Public Heart and are sabotaging their own agendas. The gift of these times is that we can see loud and clear the patterns that keep us swimming in circles and we are given an opportunity to write a new story.

Ingredients for Public Heart Connection

The quality of our new story depends on where our attention is. Are we acting and reacting on center stage or are we off stage writing the real story? No matter whether we are on the right, left, in the middle, politically numb or convinced that there is a bad, big monster trying to swallow us, we can start to listen to the source that informs a real story.

Where is this source? In the cells of our body which contain the archetypal and memorable qualities and blind spots of our beloved country, and in our heart which offers the keys to move into a healthy present and future. Little is real BUT the source of our heart and body which feed information to our land which in turn feeds information to each of us. We are in an interdependent dance, continually weaving information to each other. If we continue to exchange information through our minds alone believing that the source for a new story is in the rightness of our beliefs, we will be quickly moving into physical self-destruction.

The way of the heart is that we do not have to necessarily change what we do but how we engage with our country. When we are in sync with our heart, we affect the quality of information that our electromagnetic field is transmitting into the environment of our country. How we feel impacts the actual functioning of our collective body. Our civic responsibility is being present in our heart and body and let our engagement be informed accordingly. This is more effective and far reaching than any international agreement.

How can we let the Public Heart be our guide? It starts with bringing our focus into the heart area through our breath. It continues with generating a feeling of gratitude for our beautiful country. It continues with the understanding that the body of our country is contained in our individual body and our individual body is a cell of our collective body. It continues with our courage and commitment to learn the tools to transform our national blind spots no matter what is happening on center stage. It ends and begins with our daily attitude to create and feed a new story, no matter how and where we are engaged.

Whether we are cancerous or healthy cells in the body of the United States is determined by the quality of our feelings and whether we access the intelligence of our heart each day. These are the simple keys into the Heart of our country and land which by its nature already knows how to integrate the wisdom across the political spectrum into a new story.

Daily Practice:

Breathe into your heart knowing that you are simultaneously breathing into the Public Heart of the United States. Generate a feeling of gratitude for this country. Ask your heart what you can do TODAY to feed a new story as opposed to a news story.

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