• Franca Baroni

The Awakening Nature of Conflict

The entertaining shadow dance that this country has chosen to play on center stage is quite an opportunity. What information we gather from this dance and what choice we make is ours. Our elections will depend on our maturity to understand the awakening nature of conflict.

While conflict in its essence simply seeks movement and purification of what no longer serves, the collective mind rejects it in the name of a naïve, often static and even twisted image of predictable peace. The collective mind perpetuates systemic conflict through its distorted version of peace in a suicidal cycle that creates what it fears the most.

On a larger scale, a majority of the national policies and collective beliefs of this country silently mirror the suicidal nature of the collective mind. Fracking, the obsession with immigration, exaggerated or silenced police criticism, corporate control in the name of national security and government control through corporate security, are just a few examples of how the mind creates distortions that weaken and rapidly destroy the very roots of a healthy country.

Our current political theater is providing a welcomed opportunity to hone new heart-listening skills: underneath the surface of our positions and staunch beliefs, what if the “trumpian” dance of the reds for the sake of a safer world is an equal match to the outraged righteousness of the blues in their own dance to rescue the victims of this world? Both operate from within the same mental paradigm, with different language and reasons yet with a similar level of dishonesty in the name of integrity. In the familiar world of the mind we can convince ourselves that we stand for freedom, happiness and dignity. Yet, it is the fragrance of the source that precedes our actions that reveals whether the vibration of integrity and dignity is present. No beliefs, no words, no announcements needed, just the art of listening deeply, with our feeling bodies intimately connected to the unknown.

Within the paradigm of the heart, conflict is simply a mental construct. Conflict is being at odds with what life is presenting in the present moment. Conflict is self-created. With the same creative power it was unconsciously created, it can be dissolved and a new situation consciously created.

Conflict is a projection of our mind materialized by our convictions. Conflict is a neutral display of the thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others and life. Conflict is a perfect mirror that reflects back to us the perfection of our creations. Conflict is a quest in which we can discover the myriads of avenues, streets and minute corners of our stories, our rights and wrongs, our entitlements, our resentments, our fears and our ambitions. It is a labyrinth through which we find who we are not and remember who we are.Conflict is essential to life. Conflict is the awakener to what always is and always has been. Conflict is the night in the rhythm of life. Conflict is how essence remembers itself.Conflict is what allows us to discover the qualities of the heart, what allows us to hear the voice and walk the path of the heart.

Conflict is the gateway into peace. Peace itself does not need to be discovered. It always is. Peace is the neutral vibration of life, the essence of the container of life. Peace cannot be attained because it is already present. Fighting for peace is like fighting for breath, it is senseless because it is simply given. The more we fight for the breath for life the harder it is to breathe, the more we fight for peace the harder it is to see what already is. The quest for peace at the center of our quest for justice is a senseless exercise, a dead-end. When the quest for peace stops, we awake to the reality of peace and justice in the stillness of our breath, in the stillness of our heart. From that source effective action emerges. From that space we can hold the shadow dance of our inner and outer beasts witnessing how they disintegrate instead of being dominated by them. From that space we move from our foolish beliefs into our fool nature. From that space we move into the zero point of each moment. From that space we discover the public heart of this country.

Do we have the courage to enter the space that precedes action? Do we have the courage to helplessly dangle in the unknown? In the purity of our feelings detached from our collective beliefs we open a path to surrendering control and discovering the stillness of knowing beyond belief and action devoid of belief. Our collective mind will fight this practice as senseless, ineffective, irrelevant and perpetuate its own suicidal path. Our public heart will recognize the rich fragrance of this space and create, dissolve, and re-create national policies that embrace the essence of conflict and align with the laws of Life.

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