• Franca Baroni

The Gift of Predictable Times

While the bubbles of our collective unconscious are bursting into open air with their many forms of ” –ism”, our minds are anxiously trying to control a world seemingly out of control. As the fear-machine is running in high gear, the talk of dangerous, apocalyptic and unpredictable times is widespread. With it comes the need to run into action to save the sinking ship or to protect the current ship from all sorts of threats, all embedded in the same polarized collective mind disconnected from the wisdom of the body and heart of this country.

Through the lens of the public heart, little is unpredictable about the current political agendas, manipulations, gas-lighting, exaggerations, lies, attacks, and imperialistic fantasies. Underneath the surface it has been this way for a long time, the difference is that until this presidency the package covering these agendas and tactics was more sophisticated and tightly sealed.

The political machine has long stopped to serve or represent “We The People”. All along, each citizen of this country, on the right, on the left, asleep or awake, has created this machine. Why? Because only living beings can design and create a machine and each of us are a cell of the living collective body of this country. Like every cell in a body, each person living in this land, is naturally engaged in a dance of interdependence that informs the health of the collective body, no matter whether they are conscious or unconscious of their role.

For hundreds of years our collective body has been numb and lost in the fantasies of our mind. For a long time our collective body has accepted to be programmed as a machine and be moved accordingly, in the same way a robot moves. Our machine has been coded for scarcity, control and the monarchy of the mind with all its known effects.

The gift of these predictable times is that our collective body has outgrown the primitive “machine phase” and is awakening. This shifting into a new phase is simple and natural but not easy. Any machine gets the loudest when it is about to break, its parts fly out like darts, the “alert” messages are incessant, emergency bells are ringing all around. In this stage, the machine goes often into high gear playing out all its programmed functions, the noise to finds its old modus operandi are so high-pitched that nobody can really hear or understand what is going on. And at this stage there is potential for much damage.

We have many choices how we navigate this phase.

We can choose to keep engaging with the disintegrating machine that we unconsciously created. We can choose to rescue our fantasies of power and values while refusing to take responsibility for what we see as our own creation. We can choose to numb ourselves by dwelling in spiritual or religious or apocalyptic fantasies. We can choose to be paralyzed by fear and despair, or rage in outrage. We can choose to maniacally act and react.

We can choose to listen to the needs of the collective body and public heart of the United States whose wisdom we cannot hear if we follow the machine on its self-destructive course. We can choose to feel that there is much Life in this collective body and realize that this is the very reason it is expelling strong toxins and poisons. This is the essence of any healing and growth process and it takes patience, strength and fierceness, especially when our numb and unconscious aspects painfully awaken and seek to be integrated.

We can choose to own what we see playing out on center stage as our unconscious American creations which have fed through our numbness, narcissistic fantasies and refusal to own authentic power. We can choose to own both the harm and the countless gifts we offer to the world. We can choose to breathe into our fears and hopelessness and turn them into genuinely creative actions. We can choose to stop the blaming game and have compassion for our own ignorance. We can choose to take inspired action to reduce the damage in the disintegration process. We can support the disintegration in the knowing that it is making space for a healthier pulsating collective body. We can choose to nurture the wisdom of the public heart from which sustainable forms of governance emerge. We can choose to celebrate the joy of becoming alive.

To the public heart engaging in the battle between the agendas of the right or left is a futile exercise akin to the left and right arms battling each other to determine which one is better. In the paradigm of the public heart extremism is a healing crisis providing an opportunity to wake up and leap. In the paradigm of the public heart, the body naturally provides wisdom to generate health to each part. In the paradigm of the public heart power is embodied through the continuous dance of navigating the spiral of awakening to our unconsciousness.

The gift of this power is available to all of us. Whether our individual choices feed the machine or our collective body depends whether we live in our head or body. Whether we follow the machine into self-destruction or govern from our public heart depends whether we have the courage and the wisdom to move from our predictable minds into the life-affirming womb of Life.

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