• Franca Baroni

The Long and Lasting Reach of Justice

On a superficial level the Orlando mass shooting, the US presidential election’s tale and the exit of Great Britain from the Europe Union have little in common. On a root level these events are expressions of a deep collective cleansing process removing what is no longer in our highest good, challenging our collective illusions and delusions and awakening us to the keen vision and guidance of the public heart.

As artificial boundaries are collapsing across the globe the call for a new and heart-intelligent source of boundaries is getting stronger. At the core of these artificial boundaries are a myriad of mind constructs that we have cultivated for a very long time, often even in good faith, which are now rapidly disintegrating into the reality pool of experience. The artificial construct of terrorism masking mass mental disorders capable of justifying destructive actions in the name of godly inspiration; the artificial construct of a hierarchical and now openly populist political system masking mass mental disorders glorifying heroes and grandiose savior thinking on the right and left; the artificial construct of an idealized political union masking a purely economic trade driven by a hierarchical and bureaucratic machine of special favors.

At the source of these three collapsing constructs lays a collective narcissistic disorder deeply engrained in our systems and collective actions and often the precursor of the grand finale of a mind-based paradigm that has run its course. What defines narcissism are exaggerated feelings of self-importance, the inability to empathize for others, the exploitative motivation in relationships, an obsession with power, a lack of emotional awareness in its own condition, a failure to acknowledge the repercussions of harmful behaviors, and ultimately thoughts, perceptions and actions founded in a twisted sense of self. While narcissism is easily detected in the actions of psychopaths and criminals, it is often sophisticatedly masked in a vortex of charming and convincing ideologies and intentions by people in our daily lives, and collectively by religious, spiritual, political, economic, and entertainment figures, thus very hard to detect. It is so widespread and common that we have become numb or powerless to it and accept it like a chronic back pain. Sometimes we fiercely fight it. Yet, none of these options effectively move us into the integrated field of the heart.

The great gift of these volatile and clearing times is that this devious disorder caused by severed lines between mind and heart is now on center stage. The choice in front of us is not between right or wrong, or good or bad. It is whether we choose to feed or otherwise engage with this disorder, or strengthen the muscle between the mind and the public heart by cultivating the courage of healthy boundaries in the face of ANY actions. In a heart-intelligent paradigm we learn to say yes and no without creating resistance. We learn to radically disengage without judgment. We learn to stand and act in the knowing that we do not know. We learn to trust that all circumstances, no matter how difficult, assist us to connect to the strength and eternal wisdom of our public heart. We relinquish punishment and learn the way of justice.

In the wave of disintegrating artificial boundaries a mind-based justice system is no longer adequate as it often scrambles to find a predictable source of accountability. Enemies have long become blurred and in the maze of the many battles of the mind we loose track which wars we are fighting. Terrorists and mass murderers often commit suicide and no longer can be brought to justice in the traditional sense. Criminals are often tried although incompetent to face the consequences of their actions. High functioning individuals and public figures affected by destructive mental disorders are rarely identified or receive the benefit of impunity despite the far reaching impact of their actions. Finally, the narcissistic disorder engrained in the political system itself is not triable and the enforceability of collective international agreements always been a mirage.

In the paradigm of the public heart, justice is formless and silently offered through the loudness of experience over time, through the natural consequences of cause and effect, through the intricate weaving of Life, through unspoken yet impeccably accurate teachings emerging from the Unknown. No need to chase those who cannot be “caught”. No need to condone destructive actions. No need to stay passive or outraged. The active, fierce, and discerning layer of the public heart is simply calling us to break the denial and embrace the depth of our collective mental disorder and awaken to the art of radical boundaries and clear choices inspired by our heart.

Ultimately, our public heart is calling us to trust that justice is always present in the effortless breath and the flawless perfection of the rhythms of Life. Justice is the infallibility of the present moment in that each choice sets in motion what is eventually to come, whether we reside in a mind- or heart-based paradigm. No judgment either way. Simply more work or more play depending which field we feed through our daily actions and the way we engage with ourselves, each other and Life. Both fields are available each moment. Both fields will continue to give us the opportunity to experience our choices. The nectar of justice pulsating through our public heart will always continue to hold us fully accountable for our choices, personally and collectively. The nectar of justice offers us a gift and a responsibility, both equally neutral.

In a heart-intelligent paradigm, we no longer seek justice.

In a heart-intelligent paradigm, justice eventually finds us, naturally.

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