• Franca Baroni

The Political Dream of No-Politics

…will the dream continue?

For a long time we have been waiting for the “right” President and the “right” Congress to bring our country back to the dream and heritage of its “Founders”. We keep waiting for just the “right” combination of politicians serving to our plate the glory of a dignified country of timeless values. Every four years we fight and get elated or disappointed at the outcome on the ring, ecstatic to have found our savior or desperate for being in the hands of our destructor.

…and the waiting game continues and the despair gets deeper.

At its essence, this presidential campaign and election was no different than any other. What was different were the brightness of the colors, shapes, edges, blind spots, soft and hard spots, of the good old political games for everybody to see. The gift of these times of awakening is that all which used to be under the table, the ugliest and most deprived agendas, are now out in the open. Laws passed by Congress permitting an extremist regime in this country were enacted long before the election of Trump. There are countless appalling pearls of control generated by the old political box which have been in place for a while. The gift of these times is that there is no hiding, no grey colors, and the bright light shines into every dusty and rotten corner of our mind- based political system moved by fear.

What we do with this new bright light is our choice. We can choose to darken our vision believing in a desperate future or we can chose to use this newly available sharpness of vision to create a country we call home.

When we see through the eyes of our public heart we realize that the pitfall of our collective mind is not only that it is moved by fear and control but also by over-idealization. Life is a process of creation in long strides, it is messy and lead is needed in the alchemical process of creating gold. If the alchemist were to scream or react in outrage at every piece of lead, the process would be aborted and the only element left in the cauldron would be lead. To handle the lead with mastery, it takes concentration, grace, wisdom, strength, guided and fierce action surrendered to the alchemical process.

The public heart calls us to take a deep breath, whether we are celebrating or despairing the outcome of the election. It calls us to move into a deeper vision and surrender the endless analysis of our ever-fretting minds. It calls us to tune into the underlying principles that bring about what we are seeing today. As long as we remain at the surface we will miss the core. As long as we are chasing the pot of gold, we miss the process that creates gold. As long as we continue to reject the lead, it will continue to grow in our hands, with its poisonous and devastating consequences on our health.

Our new President was elected by everybody, by its supporters and enemies alike. The energy goes where the attention goes. The more energy we spend engaging with what we do not want, the faster we create it. This energy is per se neutral and simply accurately translates our conscious and mostly subconscious choices into the web of our collective consciousness. This energy does not discern whether the source of its programming is good or bad, right or wrong, like a computer it simply translates data. If the vibrational impulse for this energy to move comes from the mind, it will create a problem-generating machine calling for solutions that in turn cause new problems in a never ending unsustainable cycle. If the vibrational impulse for this energy comes from the heart, it will create a living organic and flexible structure capable of breathing life into those it serves. Depending on the vibrational impulse we engage in, we elect dictators or enlightened leaders. This is a simple fundamental principle underlying Life.

The soul of our county has been moving to birth a new way of being in sync with the awakening of many of its citizens, it is a natural impulse to expand inherent to Life which entails the dissolution of what is no longer serving. This election has simply catapulted us more swiftly down into the birth canal and accelerated our awakening. In this canal the line between life and death is thin, we find ourselves at the edge of the precipice needing to apply all the skills and sharpness of vision we have learned along the way. We are per se out of control and in the hands of the greater wisdom of Life no matter the sophistication of our machinery. What makes this birth jerkier, riskier and more arduous is fear. What keeps us flowing through the birth canal is the power of the public heart: the art of choosing wisely and fiercely with our eyes wide open and the art of closing our eyes in surrender and trust.

Digging deeper beneath the differences, the underlying common denominator of a majority of those who voted was a desire to change the rigged political system. The right voting for an insider masked as an outsider, the left voting for an insider in the illusion of creating an outsider. Yet, when the source of our desire of “no-politics” stems from within the web of the political system little can ever change. When the energy giving impulse to our civic actions stems from the strategizing and reactive mind, we find ourselves entangled in the machine that is creating our misery.

What is seeking to expand is the soul of this country. The soul of this country is not contained in the political system. This is the illusion we have been trapped in for a few hundred years. The values the vast majority of American people treasure are contained in our collective body. What brings them about is governance: the choices we make individually and collectively each moment. Governance that generates in the mind feeds government, governance that generates in the heart awakens the collective body into health.

Using the analogy of the body, what determines the health of a cell is mostly its surrounding environment, not the specific shape of its center. Accordingly, in a collective body, any given President or structure at its center is not what determines the health of the body, but the consciousness of the environment surrounding the cell. Each of us is an individual cell creating the collective body of the United States. Each of us, whether we vote, don’t vote, or don’t even have the right to vote, is crucial in determining the health of the environment around the cell. In time, the center of the cell will respond to its environment. Thus, focusing our mental energy and efforts each day on changing the center of the cell and waiting for the “right” President and political blend is a fruitless endeavor.

For a very long time, governance and power have been equated: those who govern are in power, and those who are in power govern. Those at the center of the cell determine the power of those around the center. When the abuses of the center became unsustainable, we decided that We The People had the actual power. Yet, we still delegated the power to the center of the cell which – to this day – means that the environment around the center of the cell is de facto programmed to have no power. What keeps our current political system in place is a subconscious programming that deactivates governance, our power to influence our collective body.

In the paradigm of the public heart, governance and power are woven together. When each citizen and group exercises power, a flexible structure of governance expressing the values and principles of our “Founders” can move through our collective body. Power within the paradigm of the public heart is a new set of civic skills and resulting choices, no matter how the center of the cell behaves.

The gift and perfection of this election is that we have been catapulted into the colorful environment of choice. To connect to our innate ability to consciously chose and create we need to stop waiting for the center to be the guiding force of our well-being. We can disengage from the premise of delegation of power and act from within the awareness of the power of the heart, carefully nurture the consciousness of the environment around the cell through our civic actions. It takes heart to hold power, it takes heart to face our demons, it takes heart to clean up, it takes heart to grow and it takes wisdom to trust in the process of Life.

As we surrender the political dream of no-politics we will realize that the environment of the cell is healthier than our mind is telling us. And those celebrating will realize that the center is a house of cards, yet the environment of the cell ready to hold everybody regardless of their views.

Are you ready to govern?

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