• Franca Baroni

The Public Spring

In the spring the spaciousness of longer days, the gentleness of the sunshine, the crispness of the air, the chirping of the birds, the brightness of the colors are faithful, patient and silent gifts of nature. They are offered each year. It is our choice, conscious and unconscious, how far we let these gifts nourish our beings and bodies. It is our choice how far we let these gifts of illumination nourish our collective body.

THIS collective body of our community, region, state, nation and planet is intimately weaving through each cell of our physical bodies no matter what our brilliant mind with its political, religious or scientific beliefs is pretending to know. Our public heart lovingly nods and smiles at our ignorance to assume that we are all separate beings or at our stubbornness in claiming that even if we are all part of the same body some cells are definitively better and smarter than others. The public heart within each of us compassionately witnesses our slow awakening like a flower in early spring. Collectively, we have been going through a long winter for a few thousand years and the early spring is gently stirring within our collective body and illuminating our public heart. This early spring is also fiercely dismantling the dead branches within our systems of governance creating much intensity at a local and global scale.

An effective landscaping tool to create new growth and space in our collective garden is to pause the stories we have been repeating year after year after year and often reflected in national holidays over the globe. There are all sorts of stories: religious, political, patriotic, spiritual, social, educational, environmental and the list goes on. What these “dead branches” stories have in common is their ability to keep us entangled in the Bermuda triangle of victim, perpetrator and rescuer consciousness. The heart-logical result is that most groups identified with these stories – which is most of us – have created and re-created the tangible experience of the interchangeable roles of victims, rescuers and perpetrators.

What stories are we telling and listening to in the news, in our churches, temples and mosques, in our political discussions and other well-meant engagement efforts in the name of positive change? How much energy are we spending in analyzing the rotten fruits of these stories and attempting to come up with solutions to heal fruits that are rotten at the core? This is the way we have governed under res publica for a few thousand years. These systems of mind-governance have now run their course for the sole pristine reason that they their ineffective and inefficient.

So let’s stop getting outraged at the state of the world and simply accept it as natural consequence of the collective stories founded in the Bermuda triangle of victims, perpetrators and rescuers which we all consciously and unconsciously empower. So let’s viscerally envision and act as if the stories of Christian, Jews and Muslims, republicans, democrats, greens, libertarians, patriots, the pro and against movements of all sorts, the terrorists and criminals, the compassionate and spiritual ones and the radicals and pacifists have no longer any relevance. Each cell in the collective body that has the courage to relinquish the dead branches will find itself nurtured by the gentle touch of the public heart which continues to beat and calmly hold the spaciousness of no story and the liberation of the present moment. It is not necessary that 7 billion cells move into spring at the same time, this is not how nature works. The spark of each and every cell counts allowing spring to effortlessly emerge. We cannot erase our dead branch stories because the seed of winter is carried on through each season. Yet, we can bring awareness to the dead branches and allow the emerging season to take the lead rather than holding on to winter all year around. This is the essence of governance in cor publicum.

We will move from spring to summer when collectively we have learned to accept the seasons of our collective body and allow our public heart to guide us. When we no longer identify with our victim, perpetrator and rescuer stories we move from a disembodied and disconnected collective state into a collective body pulsating with LIFE.

And then…the next season will arrive, silently and effortlessly, reminding us of the never ending cycle of life and the ever moving spiral of consciousness.

When we are ready to surrender our collective stories we find the fullness of emptiness.

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