• Franca Baroni

The Sperm’s Long Journey Back Home

For a very long time, the goal of the lonesome sperm has been to find its way home into the egg. A myriad of sperms are on the journey home and only one ever makes it to destination. In “sperm land” everyone knows that the merging with the egg is so incredibly juicy and miraculous that the risky journey where 99% die is worth the risk. In “sperm land” no one is so foolish to claim that life is possible without the egg because their journey is fully interdependent with the life of the egg. Yes, the egg and the sperm can go for a lifetime without merging and yet they are wired and designed to do so and create new life. When eggs attract the sperm that it considers in resonance with the emerging life, the spark of life is initiated. When the sperm finds its way home life begins.

Collectively, for the past few thousand years, men and women have operated from the premise that the sperm alone generates life. In its foolish assumption, the lost sperm has desperately insisted that it can conceive life solely from the father without the egg of the mother. In our rejection of the egg, our sperm mentality has turned a lush garden into a bare desert and many of its creations have naturally become unsustainable. Going astray and away from home for a while is sometimes the only way we can remember how good home feels. And this is what we have been doing collectively for a few thousand years.

At this collective juncture, we are witnessing the increasing desperation and insanity of the lost sperm willing to go to war at all cost to prove that he is right in its assumption about life. The childish battles for power, the bullying in the name of democracy, the environmental ignorance and denial, the spreading of political, social and religious fundamentalism are only a few examples of the final battle of the frustrated lost sperm’s long war. Within the tyranny of the mind, this battle is fed by an unconscious awareness of precariousness and an unspoken realization that life without an egg is even shakier, raw and at the precipice of dissolution. For a lost sperm living in this monarchical premise, life is terrifying.

In these eventful times, we are equally experiencing the gentle and fierce call of the egg inviting the lost sperm to come home and longing to merge once again with the healthy sperm to create sustainable life. The egg is moving within all of us, men and women, stirring us to change and evolve and embrace our life-generating power. The egg is moving within society and sparking powerful innovations in most every conceivable field. Because of the magnetic power of the egg the healthy sperms naturally and easefully find their way home. It is egg consciousness that is evolving us, women and men, into a sustainable world and positive present. After many lifetimes of starvation, many are finally finding the lushness of the egg fertilizing their lives and the return of joy and gratitude for the miracle of life.

At this juncture, both the lost sperm and egg consciousness are playing their theater within us, women and men, and on the collective stage. Both are programmed into our DNA. Both, the light and the shadow, are moving through us to create new life. Both are right in our face calling us to choose each moment. There is no choice between right or wrong. There is no battle between who will win. The sperm and the egg have always been merged and will continue to be. The choice is about which glasses we wear and whether we remain color blind or appreciate the colors. At this juncture, it is the egg that will attract both men and women home. In the current lost sperm paradigm, it is the collective intuitive egg that knows how to discern and attract the healthy sperm that is aligned with sustainable life. It is the collective intuitive egg that brings forth heart-intelligent structures of governance and law.

Let’s celebrate this international women’s day in that we all, women and men, encourage the lost sperms within us to merge with our precious eggs…let’s continue to listen to the wisdom of the collective egg to guide us into wholeness.

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