• Franca Baroni

Trump-ing Political Boredom

Are you hoping for the right president to be elected in 2016? Are you ready to go to the polls next Tuesday? What are you thinking and feeling about your role as a citizen? What causes you to vote?

Given the intensity of these times, it seems increasingly important to go to the polls, vote and hope for good people in power. Yet, often in the illusion of scarcity of options we swim in circles without pausing in the center to question why we are swimming in the first place.

If we dwell in the center long enough we might realize that going to the polls and following presidential elections is equally irrelevant as watching sports or our favorite reality show. It is simply a form of mass entertainment feeding the illusion and fantasy of power and control. The modern-day ring fights keeps us entertained in outrage or trapped in a fantasy awaiting the next savior of the country and the right causes to win.

Our voting systems of perceived democracy are as old as our patriarchal systems, as old as our mind-based governing machine meant to keep us caged in the black and white thinking of right and wrong, in the fantasy of a hellish or heavenly world always chasing the dream of “life, liberty and – the never ending – pursuit of happiness”.

Engaging in the political game in the hope to achieve these “rights” spelled out in the Declaration of Independence is like playing golf on a tennis court and wondering why the game does not work…why balls wreak havoc, wounding everybody involved. Despite the sophisticated philosophical reasons underlying our political systems the reality is that we are engaged in a neurotic game. We have been living in denial of this fact, feeding the fantasy of the American Dream despite the geopolitical, economic, environmental and social realities on the ground.

Yes, we can continue to watch and allow ourselves to be hit by golf balls on the tennis court every election cycle. Yes, we can continue to hope that our well-meaning candidates will be able to hit his/her balls on target. Yet, most anybody that has been in the inside of this political game knows that the game is rigged, set up to produce only the “hope” of change and incapable to ensure the “rights” of our Declaration of Independence.

Beyond any political preference the reality is that the game per se does not work. It never has and never will because balls will continue to fly wildly in every direction just as the heart-disconnected mind does. Such a collective mind – falsely believing in its infallibility – can, by natural law, only manifest what it is most afraid of. When left on its own, the mind self-sabotages and abandons the heart where our true desires for peace, freedom, prosperity, happiness are generated.

Are we ready to stop abandoning the heart of our country? Are we ready to let the public heart take the lead and turn our minds into a brilliant and creative servant, rather than a self-serving tyrant?

What if the very reason we are here is to simply learn to govern from our public heart rather than chasing the eradication of what is uncomfortable? What if we radically surrender our desire for peace?

When we surrender our attachments to save ourselves and the world we might find ourselves much closer to what we seek. This is the brilliance and efficiency that our heart offers. Our public heart has been faithfully pulsing for eons awaiting for us to awaken to its existence. Similar to a wise parent who knows that it has no control over the hard life lessons of his children our public heart continues to offer us gentle guidance despite our insane tantrums of expecting different results while we are repeating the same game. Yes, we can continue to watch and participate in the deadly golf-tennis game but it will not take us very far. The call of our heart is getting louder.

We can hear the voice of the public heart when we slow down the rat race, inside and outside, take the time to listen, and relinquish our righteous agendas. There is no magic wand that brings us into the public heart. There is no “game-changing” recipe as promised by even the hippest of the current social movements. There is no right candidate or president. What brings us into the foundation of cor publicum – a heart-based collective system – is much simpler and humbler. It is our connection to the womb of Life, to the long forgotten governing principles based on feminine wisdom. What moves us into our public heart is giving up control.

In this paradigm, the practices of citizens evolve from fantasy-based acts of ephemeral power and control in the win/lose dream into reality-based acts of courage grounded in the wisdom of our heart and body. It is our ability to radically accept what is, to relinquish any attachments to outcomes, to be moved by an intention to learn to love ourselves and others, to listen to our bodies, to fully feel and use our feelings as leadership tools, to be fierce and caring that takes us to the healthy roots of our reason of being on this planet.

The public heart does not require a formal constitutional amendment or a formal process to foster life, liberty and – the end of – the pursuit of happiness. It offers it by its very essence. The mind cannot grasp the effortlessness of the public heart — it seeks a fight, a struggle, a hurdle, a formal process, an agenda, a to-do list.

This country will genuinely lead us into a better future when you and I, individually and collectively, courageously engage in these practices and fall into the black hole of not-knowing. This is where the public heart and the true spirit in between the lines of the Declaration of Independence find us.

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