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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The unfolding twisted election & transfer of power political drama is making clear that our nation needs our loving. What is now being revealed on center stage is a Stage Four collective cancer that has been brewing in our collective body for several centuries underneath the surface. In times of massive collective evolution, it is typical that dysfunction surfaces to our enraged conscious awareness. To awaken and heal, we have to be disturbed, yes, all of us, not just those who we think are wrong. Our fantasies of what we thought our institutions represented have to be challenged. To grow, we have to relax our stories with firm kindness trusting that what is of real value never dies. We have to remember that our wounds are not who we truly are, it is just a call to confront and integrate what has been kept hidden, the ugliest parts that make us human. This is a tall order especially when lives are lost and so much is at stake.

The cancer cells in our nation have been planted by our collective unconscious, bit by bit, day after day, by each and every one of us, whether we are engaged with or detached from politics. The growth of these sick cells has been largely fueled by our choice - over many years - to delegate our power and civic responsibilities for our nation to politicians, who simply mirror our humanity and at times amplify our unconsciousness. It is as if we are asking our neighbor to live our life for us while we are sleeping on the couch hoping for the best. No surprise that we lose our agency and life force overtime and the neighbor gets drunk with a power that is not even his.

The result of this unconscious delegation of power is that we are either desperately hoping for politicians to bring us back to sanity or rebelling against our elected officials in a tantrum. Our current radical different versions of civic truths - keenly mirrored in our two- party system - represent the battle of left & right, right & wrong in our brain, always in survival and scarcity mode, easily delusional, competing for more elusive, unowned “power”. These battles, and the resulting psychological and physical violence are but a reflection of our unevolved brain that left on its own creates havoc and self-destructs. Collectively this battle looks like an implosion, in which also healthy cells are devoured by the cancer.

When the unconscious becomes conscious, we feel the burn. Yet, this burn is natural and necessary to integrate us into wholeness and leadership beyond polarization. To consciously own and feel our shame, guilt, powerlessness, rage, hate, despair, and deep longing for happiness WITHOUT finding an external target, without pointing fingers and demonizing takes courage. What we often forget is that the fire of this type of courage unleashes our true power, creativity, and ability to genuinely stop the abuse and violence.

Being a true leader requires the maturity to embrace radical responsibility. We will not see these qualities in our politicians as long as WE continue blaming and feeding our own polarization. Our minds can find infinite reasons (political, legal, economic, etc.) to analyze and find temporary solutions to the current state of affairs. Yet, this is often seems just another form of a dog chasing its tail and eventually collapsing from exhaustion.

If we pause and feel into what is underneath the surface of our often incoherent logic, we are shown that to heal this cancer we are asked to align with the life force that keeps us alive and in balance at the CORE. This life force is symbolized by Lady Justice, the blindfolded guiding force, the inner law, that reveals our integrated truth and thriving path in natural balance with the whole. This life force connects our brain to the wisdom of our body and the powerful governing force of our physiological and energetic heart.

To meet Lady Justice, we are to enter the place of the UNKNOWN, and earnestly assume we do NOT know anything.

In this place, we accept the immaturity, humanness, vulnerability, and magnificence, of our own selves, our fellow citizens, and our nation. This is where we meet the fierce and gentle power of Lady Justice dissolving our illusions, aligning us with true health, prosperity, happiness, and freedom and revealing to each of us our role & contribution we are called to make towards an ethical, grounded and thriving society.

Let us take a deep breath, and another one, and for a moment relax our grip of what we think is right or wrong with our country and move into a broader view. As we continue to breathe, let us allow that inner pause that moves us back home, where leadership beyond polarization is seeded and flourishes in our political body.

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