• Franca Baroni

What Is Coming After Success?

These days so many seem to be frantically searching for purpose, frantically trying to be heard by writing a book, frantically wanting to find perfect love, frantically wanting more business, more clients, more money, more peace, frantically wanting to save the world from a collapse, frantically wanting and wanting and wanting. The common motivator is often a longing for the gratification of success.

Success and purpose are hyped words. Millions are entranced by speakers, myriads of online courses, classes, books, shows, all inferring that we need to be different and more to be successful. It is big business fed by hungry souls looking for the elixir of success.

In our rat race for success we glorify the multi-millionaire heroes, the enlightened saviors and evolutionary gurus that seem to have attained purpose and power over the powerless or unconscious masses. Their success becomes a faint hope that glory is attainable and one day – if we change enough – it will be our turn.

At its root, this overt and subtle chase for success is often a desperate attempt to prove our worthiness OUT there because somehow we feel never enough INSIDE. We either want more than we have or to save the world from what it does not have. Yet, both share the assumption that the present is inadequate. The costs of this rat race are rampant: our physical and mental health, our relationships and lack thereof, our systemic and environmental health.

In this maze of wants and the promise of a better future that never comes, we have forgotten the heart of success. There is great comfort in the naïve glory of looking ahead. There is less comfort in looking down from our mind into our heart and body, individually and collectively, and accepting that it is all absolutely perfect the way it is, right NOW. Ironically, it is in this place that success resides.

Success literally means “what comes next”, the next step. All along the root of the word success has eloquently offered the key to attain what our minds are desperately chasing. When we look down into our heart, we open ourselves to success, the next step. Success is nothing else and nothing more.

As we move into the brightness of summer let’s ponder what mind-package about success is burdening our individual and collective lives…

Are we at peace when we do not know what is ahead? When little is seemingly moving forward in our lives? When we have no clear purpose? When we are “unproductive”? When desired change is coming too slowly? Can we be at peace when we are not attempting to change the world?

The gateway to success, the next step, opens in our heart.

Success is always here, present, grounded, simple, practical. Not in the past, not in the future.

There are no mistakes, no failures, always and simply a next step.

Can we live in the heart space of success just for a day, for a week, for a lifetime? It is free, it is spacious, it is creative, it is humble, it is effortlessly meaningful and purposeful and it naturally changes the world around us.

Thus, let’s reclaim the simplicity of success and liberate ourselves from the frantic chase for a better, more successful future. Our inner and outer world is perfect now in all its destruction, decadence, bounty and beauty.

When we stop the collective chase for a successful world — no matter how appealingly our mind describes it — we drop into the clear pool of collective heart-intelligence. When we learn to simply listen to the next step, we land in the public heart where sustainable success emerges. The fear or arrogance of needing to control what is ahead makes room for the excitement, freedom and openness to receive a healthier now.

The heart of success is a vital key to free intricate systemic issues from the sticky web of our entangled minds. In the heart of success we effortlessly receive what we are chasing for, individually and collectively. Through the heart of success we govern according to the laws of the public heart.

And, after success there will ever only be success.

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