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Act In The Public Heart

Written, Created & Performed by Franca Baroni | Directed & Co-Created by Simone Bruyere Fraser 


One-Woman Show

Franca’s Journey of Resilience & Discovery of The Public Heart


Theatrical Lecture 

Franca’s Civic Keys To Vibrant Democracies

Feeling at the brink of a breakthrough or at a dead-end in our world? Be prepared to hear your heart whisper, feel into your body and explore what has the potential to transform us and tackle some of the most complex problems of our time.

Described by audience members as magnificent, compelling, relevant, courageous, life-changing, extraordinary and much more, Franca’s one-woman show is continuing its journey after a successful premiere in December of 2017 in Seattle, WA.

A delicate mix of drama and comedy, ACT IN THE PUBLIC HEART is a personal journey on the surface, yet it reveals itself to be much more than that- a multi-layered universal journey providing inspiration and a refreshing context about how to navigate issues of political disillusionment, injustice and fear.

After acclaimed performances in 2017-2019, the show is returning with a brand new, genre-breaking Second Act.  Act in the Public Heart is a true story and a quest for justice centered around six scientific discoveries about the heart and how a lawyer grappled with identity, trauma, belonging, immigration, disintegration, freedom, and justice while discovering the Public Heart, a liberating silver lining for the challenges facing our communities and countries. The Second Act is theatrical civic lecture introducing a more coherent framing of citizenry, politics and law meant to break political fatigue in our lives, organizations and countries, and create a culture where citizens can thrive.

 “No other lawyer could present a more forceful and eloquent argument for being in touch with the pulse within ourselves and within our community, than Franca Baroni’ s moving one-woman show.


William Downing, Former King County Superior Court Judge,

Current Arbitrator & Mediator at JAMS

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Written, Created & Performed by Franca Baroni | Directed by Marva Sea Karminski


A 15 min one-woman show, ALIVE is the story of a serious, formal and logical art curator whose life is transformed by a painting of a wolf that is drawing her into an unknown creative world.  The wolf in the painting becomes the guide into an inner world of the art curator. Franca takes us on a journey to explore the tension between the mind (art curator) and the heart (wolf). ALIVE first appeared between 2005-2006 at On The Boards, Annex & Freehold Theatres in Seattle, WA.

The Detention Lottery

An Immersive Courtroom Drama
Written by Margaret O'Donnell | Currently being Directed by Franca Baroni


The Detention Lottery provides a first-hand look inside an immigration courtroom in a detention center where Immigration Judges decide the fate of thousands of immigrants every year.  This immersive play is intended to open up the covert, capricious, and byzantine immigration enforcement system to public scrutiny and foster immigration reform to the benefit of all sides. The Detention Lottery is performed by immigration lawyers turned into lay actors.  The cast of the Detention Lottery, of which Franca is a member, has appeared in many settings across the Puget Sound area of WA State since 2017 with raving reviews including in the American Theater Magazine.

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